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What's it like to be hypnotized?

By Jennette Cronk

Thinking about having a hypnotherapy session but feeling a bit nervous? Don't even sweat it! Let me set your mind at easy by dispelling some myths about what hypnosis actually FEELS like!

Don't expect to FEEL hypnotized!

Some people think being in a trance-like state or being hypnotized is going to feel different than a "normal" state of being. It's not! Hypnosis feels like being deeply and delightfully relaxed. Trance states are actually perfectly normal (we experience them all the time...think of right before you fall asleep), so the feeling of being hypnotized will feel comfortable and familiar to you, no matter how deeply you go.

YOU are in control!

Maybe you've seen some stage hypnosis in movies or other entertainment format, and you've seen people act in silly ways. Let me ASSURE you that you only do what YOU want to do during a session. During the trance induction, you need to remember that you are in charge. You will only accept suggestions that align with your beliefs and values. If I told you to "stand up as straight as possible," you would do that. Most likely, standing up straight is something that is not against your nature or value system. If I told you to "rob a bank," you would not do that.

Hypnosis is about learning how to be hypnotized!

This process is a learning process! Along the way, there are several tests to see where you are in trance. The more tests you are able to pass, the deeper your trance-relaxation can become. It's that easy. The more you do it, like anything in life, the easier and faster it becomes.

I'm with you!

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax into the potential waiting inside of you! I'll be there to guide you and make sure you are at ease.

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