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3 Ways to Keep "Good Feels" Going After Vacation

Spring break is coming to a close for some of us (or about to start for others). So I thought it’d be a great time to offer up some tips to keep the vacation vibes going when we get back to “normal.”

1. Plan continued relaxation

Too often we jump back in to life at super speed--trying to get caught up on everything and more. Bam! Vacation vibes ruined. Instead, try planning some extra relaxation. Set up a massage, extra babysitting, going out to eat instead of cooking, etc. This simple step can help us ease back into life without feeling like we have to tackle everything all at once.

2. Prioritize your to-do list

Speaking of not tackling everything…prioritize your list of “to-do” and ignore the urge to get it all done right away. Arrange tasks in order of importance and set a realistic timeline for completing them all. Can you farm anything out? If so, do it!

3. Plan a buffer day

This one isn’t always possible, but IT WORKS! When scheduling a vacation or time away, plan a buffer day before you jump back into your job. Use this day to prioritize, manage household tasks, unpack, plan for the week, and ease back into life. Scheduling a buffer day between your trip and your job gives you the space you need to take a breath!

Bonus: Hear me out... What would it take for you to create a life that was a joy to return to? There's no such life where "bad things never happen." But it is ABSOLUTELY realistic to design a life you enjoy living. Is this your current set-up? Do you feel dread or purpose? Do you feel trapped or free? Are you excited or afraid? Take a second to think about your answers.

I help people figure out who they want to be, figure out the steps they need to take in order to reach their goals, and hold space and give encouragement when the temptation of staying the same creeps in.

It can be terrifying to discover you aren't satisfied with your life. "Now what?" is a hard question. You don't have to tough it out or face it alone.

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