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Maureen H. Clearwater, FL

I was muddling through my days, constantly wondering where I went wrong and why everything seemed to come so easily to everyone else.  My life and relationship were both feeling very stale and unfulfilling. I saw a post from Jennette and I thought, "Here is a chance for some objective help."  Friends and family always mean well and but sometimes you need more than "everything will work out."  I needed tools and a fresh set of eyes to evaluate what the real problems were and how to overcome them. By using the tools that Janette suggested and really thinking about our discussion and following her advice,in a matter of a few months my relationship had blossomed again.  I began to find myself and realized that if I'm not happy how could I expect to make anyone else happy or expect them to make me happy. My time with Jennette was good for my soul.  She gives you her full attention and is sincerely invested in your well-being.  She is a very real woman with very real advice - no fluff! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

Jocelyne, Brooklyn, NY

You don't even know how much changing my attention/attitude has worked at my "survival" job! It's funny how often opportunities are sitting in front of me. It's really spectacular. I booked a commercial from just doing a little voice over audition. I have been throwing myself into the everything we have planned (on week 4). I love that work so much. I feels good to do some real self care as well as visit demons that may be holding me back. 

Kathy G., Largo, FL

Jennette is a best friend, and older sister, a mentor, and a role model all in one. From the very first conversation, I knew she was listening FOR REAL, and was understanding what I was saying. She helped me figure out what I actually wanted to accomplish in my life. I thought I needed career help and that I hated my job. Turns out, I had other issues that were keeping me from true happiness. Once we worked through that, my whole life shifted and I am independent and free (and still at the same job, LOL). Trust me, you need this.

Marc, Manhattan, NY

Some people are just easy to talk to. That is Jennette. I was able to tell her stuff I have never told anyone before. Some of the exercises were emotional. I really had to work through them. Other exercises felt like I had an instant realization. You just have to sign up for the ride and trust the process. Within the first month, I got a brand new job and went on dates. I got rid of old baggage I had been carrying around for years about stuff in my past. I feel ready to tackle my next set of goals.

Erica, Dunedin, FL

Jennette whips you into shape when you need it!!! She's loving but will also call you on your bull sh*t.  She helps you realize all the resources you already have at your fingertips, then helps you come up with a plan for how to actually DO IT. All you have to do is follow the plan and things click into place. She also gives you tons of great ideas, like little bonuses, to help you think of things in new ways. I sleep better, I get stuff done, and I look forward to our check-ins. Therapy is great, but with Jennette I feel like I am "doing something" with all the stuff that comes up.

Shacottha, Manhattan, NY

Jennette's gift is helping the lost find their way. Jennette has been essential to me staying on track during a very transitional stage in my career. Jennette helps me to gain clarity about my intentions so that I can stay focused on what I really want, which has been the key that keeps me moving forward in the direction I truly want to go.



Get un-stuck. Get out of a rut. Embrace the person you know you are but have been too afraid to become. Embark on that new path. NOW IS THE TIME!


It gets heavy, doesn't it? The baggage? I invite you to LET IT GO and leave it at the station. Let's embark on a journey of wholeness and re-write the story you've been living. Enough, already. NOW IS THE TIME!


Gain confidence. Find your voice. Make bold choices. Experience the peace that comes with stepping fully into your greatness. My specialty is reminding people of their gifts. NOW IS THE TIME!


Does the same thing keep happening over and over? Friendships, romance, family members, co-workers--we will get to the root of the issue and develop new ways of communicating and connecting. NOW IS THE TIME!

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