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Free Stuff

Who doesn't like free stuff? Check here often for links and downloads to activities, meditations, and anything else I find helpful for folx. Feel free to send me feedback too! I always like to hear what helps and what is working for you.

Healing Peaceful Sleep 

Use this self-hypnosis meditation to have a restful and healing sleep that aligns you with universal energy and your highest good. Backing music by:

Moxie Method Healing SleepArtist Name
00:00 / 25:13

Disco Dream Goal Sheet

Use this free planning sheet to help you set your DISCO DREAM GOAL! Dream big and use this sheet to plan out the steps you'll need to turn your vision into reality.

Moxie Morning Ritual Sheet

Here is a lovely (quick) ritual you can easily slip into your morning routine. This practice will empower you to face the day with a sense of peace, gratitude, and connection. Finding ways to upgrade tasks we already do is an easy way to live life more fully! As Beyoncé once said, "Let me upgrade ya!"

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