Bye, Bye, Baggage! Cut The Cord and Clear The Crud!
September 29, 2022 at 7:30pm

In this workshop you will disconnect from situations and relationships holding you back on both conscious and subconscious levels. Banish unwanted energy and release resentment, so you're free to live your best life.

Please be in a quiet space when you join and make sure to bring water, your journal and an open mind.

You'll leave this 90-minute virtual energy clearing workshop feeling:

  • Free from the things that have been holding you back

  • Released from the weight of an old relationship, a former friend, a past job, or anything that's become a drain on your energy.

  • Deeply connected to a future of possibility now that you're no longer carrying that energetic burden.

  • Connected to a community of like-minded humans.

  • So damn powerful!

Reset Revive and Thrive Fitness Retreat
DECEMBER  2-4, 2022 
Tampa Bay, FL

Reset Revive and Thrive! is a PERFECT weekend right after Thanksgiving and before the hustle and bustle of the holidays to come. This weekend is more than just a “boot camp”. It’s all about education, mindset, and getting women out of their comfort zone. We have speakers coming in to talk about nutrition - mindset - injury prevention - we have a guest instructor teaching you the science behind Animal Flow and then presenting a class for us!  We have some high energy classes plus some meditation!  We have an amazing meet and greet dinner and a fun optional Paddle Fit Class on Sunday to jump in to!  We can’t wait for you to come away from this weekend feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and excited about staying active and attacking the remaining holiday season with confidence!

AUGUST 11, 2018
Peaceful Peacock Orlando
2500 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, Florida 32806

You're exhausted, overwhelmed, underappreciated and overused. I get it. I really, really do. But change is 100% within your control. How long can you afford to stay checked-out of your life?

The Moxie Method teaches us how to control our energy flow, dig deep for our courage, and increase our intuition and know-how. Join us for an afternoon empowerment workshop featuring The Moxie Method, with Jennette Cronk. There is no yoga at this one but we will focus on dynamic breathing.

In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies to help you awaken your inner confidence and power. The tools you’ll learn are designed to get you out of your head and into your body, trusting yourself, and confident to make the changes you need in your life. You will leave with tools and practices that will give you more energy, keep you out of a rut, and ready for a life breakthrough! (120 min) This workshop is a live spark session to light the fires within. These exercises are designed to help you re-program your brain, get back in touch with your natural abilities, and give you concrete steps for living your life with MOXIE. Get un-stuck. Get out of the rut, and start re-igniting the passion for real living.

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