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Hello? Are you turned on? An easy way to engage your 5 senses

We spend so much time in our minds, on the internet, imagining, being entertained, eating things that are convenient and tasty, slouched over, dehydrated….I could go on. When was the last time you were really attuned to your body? When did you last pay attention to what your body was telling you or desperately screaming?

When I was almost 100 pounds more than I am now, I actively avoided my body! If I really tuned in, I realized how much my joints hurt and how hard it was for me to do things. Every time I tried to improve myself, I started by doing something in my mind (food journals, changing mindset, counting calories, going to meetings, etc). For me, I needed to get back into my body. Success started in doing the opposite of what I had done before. I started with my breath. We all need to breathe, it’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t matter where you are or what you look like!

If we don’t pay attention to how we actually FEEL, how can we give ourselves what we need?

Living in FUN and living with JOY, means we need to wake up our whole selves. We need to use the power of our brains and fuel the body that mercilessly slogs us from place to place. If you don’t have kids around, you might not have thought of the 5-senses in a while, but there are lots of ways to indulge and live lavishly by engaging our whole being.

Do this for a fast tune-in:

  1. Take a deep breath.

  2. How far can you see? Now laser focus your eyes, see something close up. Finally, soften your gaze and focus on your peripheral vision.

  3. See if you can pinpoint all the sounds around you. Now, try focusing on your own breathing and tune out everything else (at least 5 breaths).

  4. What do you smell?

  5. What does your skin feel? Temperature? Breeze? Stretch your body a little. Sit up straight.

  6. Tune into your mouth. What kind of taste is currently on your tongue? Is your mouth dry?

  7. Drink a glass of water

You’re in your body! It doesn't have to be more complicated.

There are lots of ways to engage our full senses, and when we set out to do so we automatically live more fully. What's your favorite way to engage your sense of smell? I love incense and candles. What about touch and sight? Share your ideas with me!

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