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"But I don't know how..."

If you feel trapped…

If you feel stuck…

If you don’t know how to change your negative thinking or behavior…

If you feel like you have lost part of yourself…

Start with where you are right now.

Change is so easy to talk about. People offer all kinds of advice on how to “just do something different.” Can you hear, Dr. Phil ask, “How’s that working for ya’?” I can. And I get it.

I “get” that negativity is embedded in our minds and hearts, and that only WE can change it. I “get” that if an unhealthy pattern is acting itself out over and over again, that it is up to us to pull ourselves from its grip. But what if we don’t know how…

Start with where you are right now.

It’s easy to suggest mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, the clearing of space, exercise (you name it) as a solution. But what if those things simply feel too far away? How do you feel grateful for a life you hate? How can you be mindful in a mind full of pain and disdain for itself?

Start with where you are right now.

Where are you right now? For me, I am outside of my body. I am floating in a space that allows me to keep moving but not process or change. Getting out of bed takes all my will-power. Focusing on gratitude feels too large. I’m focusing on the present, but I am detached from feeling. I put my hands over my heart. I feel the heart beat. I pause. This is where I am. right. now.

Start with where you are right now.

With your heart beating, what can you grab onto immediately. Is there a calm? Grab on to that, even for a moment. Is there a thought? A question? Grab on to it. Explore it for a second. Is there nothing but a beat? That’s OK. Sit there with it for a second. Can you feel the connection with your mind and your heart? Can you start to feel more inside your own skin?

Start with where you are right now.

I offer a non-judgmental space where you can talk about everything, be and feel seen and heard, and guided on "next-steps." I help people move from being stuck into flow using a variety of techniques. Use the momentum of a new year to inspire you to take the smallest of steps towards living with more joy and balance.

Gift cards for yourself and/loved ones are available here through the end of the year.

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