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Definition of Moxie

1: energypep 

  • woke up full of moxie

2: couragedetermination

  • it takes … moxie to pull up roots and go to a land where the culture and probably the language are totally foreign

  •  —M. J. McClary

3: know-how 

  • was impressed with his musical moxie and hired him as a solo


"Life is a party, and it's time you showed up."


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Author, actor, comedian, bartender, mother, high school teacher, academic adviser, housekeeper, career counselor, boutique owner, editor, writer, singer, burlesque host...I've lived a lot of lives. I'm here to help you embrace the adventure in yours. From moving across the country to starting over (and over), I know what it takes to make successful transformations, how to get out of a rut, and embrace the life you've always wanted. 


  • It's virtual. We are on the phone. You can be anywhere in the world wearing anything you want.

  • My programs are perfect for people who have the time and desire to go on a deep transformational journey. Working with me creates lasting change, NO QUICK FIXES. (Although, breakthrough moments happen fast sometimes.)

  • I offer payment plans (but I don't take insurance).

  • I am not a licensed therapist. I am a certified coach and NLP Practitioner. I offer assignments, tools, and one-on-one guidance to create lasting change for my clients. 


Career, Work, Business
Improve career satisfaction
Transition to a fulfilling career
Start or grow your business
Transform your money mindset


Emotional and Physical Well-being
Eliminate worries, stress and anxiety
Gain energy, finally tackle your fitness goals
Develop healthy habits

Get out of the rut

People and Relationships
Attract the right people to you
Increase emotional intimacy
Learn effective communication
Cultivate support networks

Make new friends (and ditch saboteurs)

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
More joy, adventure, creativity in life
Realize your true potential

You're AWESOME and it's time you knew it too


I am certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by the Association of Integrative Psychology, and use a variety of modalities to design intuitive, custom programs for each client. In my personalized coaching plans, we follow a structured system designed for consistent transformations and gains. In my "Big WooWoo" sessions, we get esoteric and employ energy healing modalities and more "woowoo" stuff from the Universe.

Do you "kind of know" what you have to do but don't actually follow through? Do you feel exhausted and unseen? Have you lost the connection to your truest self or felt like you never really found it in the first place? Kind of want this but part of you wants to do that? Trapped, stuck, and out of resources?


Humans are social beings. We succeed when we have a trusted source of support, a mentor, and clear accountability. Top athletes, performers, executives (even Oprah!) have coaches.

My job is to help you LIVE WITH MOXIE and give you the tools you need to create the life you want. I am here to help you connect to your own intuition, figure out your "non-negotiables," and take calculated action on your commitments. You can do this. You CAN. I'll help you.

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Regardless of what you want to change in life, the steps are the same. Together we figure out your "musts," what has been holding you back, and develop a personalized action plan to keep you  moving  forward. Most importantly, I keep you ACCOUNTABLE for taking action and following through.

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